Friday, May 2, 2014

Bit O Sorcery

The follow excerpt from my grimoire is a very powerful way of connecting with the Red Thread. This is the serpent power that courses through all. The Kundalini, if you will. This is one of the few rituals that requires a specific item. The Serpentine Blade. This is a Kris shaped dagger that evokes the power of the serpent and the coursing power of the Red Thread. I hope you find it interesting and useful -

The Ritual of the Serpentine Blade -

This rite connects one with the red current that runs through the world. The current of the serpent. This force runs through thy body and the lands and propels all upon the path of the cunning folk. The Serpentine Blade is of the crooked way and symbolizes the nature of our people.

Thus we begin. Gather unto thee a blade forged in fire and in the form of a serpent. A Kris shaped blade sharpened and pointed to draw life force into it and direct it as ye will. It must be able to cut and draw the red from ye. Wood hilted is traditional, but bone or antler are also allowed. For this be a tool of the fell ways and the dead will favour it.

The Old Gal should be waxing into her beauty or fully present. Then, to a place of isolation go. A cemetery is good for working if one can be from the eyes of the living. The land of the dead being unavailable, and a wood being out of thy realm, a spare room with an altar will suffice. Upon the altar provide the following -

Serpentine Dagger
Sorcery Incense (Sandalwood, Dragons Blood , and cemetery dirt anointed with thy own blood)
Censer with Charcoal kindled
Red Wine
Black or Beeswax candle
Symbol of Sorcery (this can be a sigil specific to your path. My tradition has it's own and is known unto only those of our ways)

Kindle the candle saying -

The light in the dark do I strike. The beacon of the gods to I shine. From all realms I call to the spirits that can aid me in my task. Grant me thy power and thy vision. Come and fill this place with thy presence.

Lay thy dagger upon the symbol. See it as a thing not yet alive but awaiting the essence. Placing thy hand upon it, utter the following incantation -

Serpent of steel. Seeker of the power of life. I bless you unto this world. Forged of fire and hilted of nature, I touch you with the spark of my life. Into you I pass a part of me and thus birth you into existence.

See energy passing into the dagger from your hand. Give as much as you can until the dagger glows in thy minds eye. Once done, pick up thy dagger with both hands and breathe upon it and say -

I give ye breath of my breath. Life of my life. So that ye may serve me and the gods. From me ye will pass power, and to me ye shall bring it. Always faithful to my will. Always a part of me.

Blow upon the dagger and see if flame in thy minds eye. Replace thy dagger upon the altar and symbol of sorcery. Cast ye incense upon the coals and say -

To fire to I call. I cast this herb upon yon coals and kindle the flame of the gods. And to the gods will ye take my voice. Creature that made this child of the earth, now ye will bless it with thy touch.

Touch the tip of the dagger to the coals. Pass the dagger through the smoke saying -

Into thy lungs does this power pass. Awaken from thy slumber my child of power. Awaken and breathe thy life.

Feel the dagger pulse with its breath. Pour ye a draught of wine. Pick of yon dagger and place the tip into the wine saying -

Drink of the essence of the gods. Taste the intoxication of the power. Wake unto this life and be of this plane.

Wipe the wine from thy dagger. Using the Lancet, draw blood from ye. Rub this blood upon the blade saying -

Feast upon my force, oh child of my heart. Feast and take thy sup upon the force granted me by my ancestors. Sustenance is given thee and now ye are awake and powerful. To my will ye shall now serve and to my purpose ye shall be bound.

Feel thy force absorb into the blade and feel the dagger become part of thy life. It shall be forever bound unto thee. As a child to its parent.
Place thy dagger upon yon symbol. Raise the cup of wine to toast the beginning and say -

To ye do I raise this cup. Welcome and be blessed unto our path. Ye kindred of mine and ye servant of the way. I drink to thy birth and to thy life to come. Slanche.

Drink of the wine. Raise the cup again and give toast and thanks to the spirits that attended and lent their power to thy rite saying -

Kin of mine and the gods. I raise this cup to thy greatness and give thanks for thy help in this working of the old way. I drink to thy health and ask ye to go to yon places in peace and frith. We are the same and our blood runs through the lands. Slanche.

Drink thy toast to the spirits. This ends the ritual of the Serpentine Blade.
This blade will serve ye from this time hence. Ye shall use it when calling the gods and sending power. Periodically, upon its day of birth, ye will feed it with thy blood. This will keep it strong and thy bond powerful. Truly ye have given birth to a power of the land and to thy will ye shall direct it. Keep it with thee always. So it is done.

Until next time......

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