Thursday, February 21, 2013

Divination. It's not just for Tarot.

I've been practicing tarot divination for over 30 years and have been witness to some extraordinary things. From forecasting ones marriage, to determining if a legal issue would resolve favorably. The act of laying ones life out in a tableau of cards can be quite cathartic.
However, over those many years, I have practiced other forms of divination that gave as accurate an account as the beloved paste boards.
Many forget that the mechanics of divination can be applied to most anything. All one needs is focus and intent.
As an example, one can take an old key and in a circle divided by an X and ascribing each section to the 4 compass directions can get quite an accurate reading by casting the key three times upon the circle and see which way the business end of the key points.
I do bone casting which includes various bones and other objects to which I have associated meanings and a casting cloth upon which I cast and accurately read ones past, present, and future. The same technique that I use for Tarot, I use for the bones. I focus upon the meanings of the bones and how the fall and the energy of the client. Then I interpret the meanings in relation to all.
Once one has the basics of divination a whole world opens up and you will never be left unawares if you are caught without your beloved deck.

So try to construct a simple reading method utilizing something from around the house, or in your pocket. I think you will be amazed how something ordinary can be turned into the extraordinary just by your focus and intent.