Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Witch Bottle

The practice of creating a Witch Bottle is very old. None know the origin, but examples have been found throughout Britain and greater Europe. In this post I will illustrate the creation of the Witch Bottle that you can use for protection from the harm of wights or other malicious energies.

The Witch Bottle -

To keep at bay those things that would bring us harm, fashion the bottle of Witchery and all will give ye a wide berth.

Materials needed -

A glass bottle (a mason jar with lid works well, or an old wide mouthed bottle with a cork)
Broken glass
Pins (or thorns)
Nails (finishing nails work well for this)
Thy water (urine)

At the dark of the moon, gather thy glass, pins, and nails into the bottle. Say the following -

Old master of the witching wood, let all mischief dash upon the sharpness of my power. Keep at bay those things that would cause me and mine harm. 

Put thy water into the bottle saying -

As my essence combines with these items of witchery, so does the power of protection grow. Let none that would wish harm to me and mine pass by unscathed.

Seal the bottle securely and wax it so none of the power leaks out and none leaks in to corrupt thy spell.

Go out at the stroke of the twelfth bell and bury the bottle in the land of thy ward. This being at thy boundary. (note: it is traditional to put the bottle at the boundary of your home in the ground. If you have not land to bury it in, say because you live in an apartment, then the bottle must be hid somewhere in your home and kept from prying eyes.)

As you bury the bottle say the following -

Old master of the witching wood, keep me and mine safe and let none pass by unbidden that wish me harm. As it is, so shall it be. FIAT, FIAT, FIAT

It is done.

(note: we do this operation during the dark or new moon to keep any harmful spirits or persons from seeing our operation and thereby ruining the protective spell. If this bottle is dug up and broken, the spell is ended. That is why great care must be taken to bury or hide this bottle from any that would destroy it.)

I hope you enjoyed this walk down the dark paths of witchery and make good use of this simple, yet effective working.

Until next time.........

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