Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"Intoduction to the Tarot" class is now forming!

Intuitive Reading Parlor & Paranormal Events Co.
Serving Denver, Longmont & Boulder, CO

Beginning Tarot Introduction Class now forming!

 "Beginning Tarot Introduction" - Saturday Nov. 3rd 10 A.M. to NOON! 

Mr. Perez and Mr. MacKenzie lead the group through the beginning areas of the Tarot. This includes history, usage, and an introduction to both the cards and a complete system on how to begin using them. There is plenty of one on one time and practice sessions. Everyone receives a course book and study material. Either bring your own favorite deck or one can be purchased or borrowed for the class. This is a fun and educational 2 hour class at only $35 per person and is limited to eight students so that everyone receives the individual attention they deserve. Use the link below to sign up! Arcanus will contact you to confirm!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Photos From Arcanus - Longmont

Here are some great photos from inside the Arcanus Intuitive Tarot Reading Parlor:

Denver Tarot! Longmont Tarot! Boulder Tarot!

1430 Nelson Road Longmont CO 80501


David MacKenzie (720) 253-0950

Dennis Perez (303) 803-3219

Arcanus Intuitive Tarot Reading Parlor - Denver Tarot
David MacKenzie's Reading Room
Arcanus Intuitive Tarot Reading Parlor - Denver Tarot
David MacKenzie
Arcanus Intuitive Tarot Reading Parlor - Denver Tarot
David MacKenzie & Dennis Perez
Arcanus Intuitive Tarot Reading Parlor - Denver Tarot
Dennis Perez Reading Room

Monday, August 20, 2012

Announcing the opening of the Arcanus Intuitive Reading Parlor & Events Co in Longmont CO!

The parlor is ready and we are currently taking appointments! If you are in the area please set up a time to come by! Serving Denver, Longmont, Boulder.

Readings are $50 per 30 minutes for Tarot, Runes, and more.

By appointment only. Cash, Check, or Charge.

Presenting Tarot Master David MacKenzie (720) 253-9050
And Tarot consultant Dennis Perez (303) 803-3210

Here's the website for all the info:



Everyone has such a great time at the fairs, but I get lots of questions about the services I provide outside of the fairs and what the pricing structure is.

So for your pleasure, here is the menu:

 This is a nice 3 card reading done via email. You provide your birth date and one question that you may have, and receive a nice detailed reading within 48 hours.

This is a 30 minute session over the phone. This is a fairly full reading where we can answer questions and go into a good bit of detail. Phone readings are booked about a week ahead of time. Paid in advance.

Private sessions are where we can meet face to face and go into the best detail. These sessions are $50 per half hour (up to 90 minutes) at the Arcanus Intuitive Tarot Reading Parlor in Longmont. I can also travel to your location (minimum 60 minute reading) in the Boulder / Longmont area, or further with a travel allowance. Usually booked about two weeks ahead of time. $25 Deposit required for office visit.

Invite 6 - 10 of your best friends over. We will do an introduction to the Tarot for the group, and keep the focus of the evening on metaphysical discussions - or it can just be cocktail hour! Everyone will receive a nice 10 minute reading! The fee is only $25 per person for 6 to 10 friends, and the hostess/host gets a FREE reading! Three weeks advance booking. Note: This is a specific themed party. If you are holding a Birthday party, etc, please see the next item . . .

Birthday parties, Bachelorette parties, Halloween parties, you name it! Although I am a serious private reader, I understand the needs and atmosphere of a party or event, and the emphasis is always on ensuring that your guests are amazed and entertained! Make your next event something your guests will remember for a very long time! Standard event fee is $150/hr. Two hour minimum booking for events/parties. Travel allotment applies dependent upon location. Minimum 3 weeks advance booking. Deposit required.


To get all the details and find out how to book a service, just visit my website www.privatetarot.com! Always try to book as early as possible, as my calendar for private readings and events stays pretty full! I very much look forward to seeing you in the future!