Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Red Meal

Communing with the gods and spirits can be as easy as performing The Red Meal. This is a eucharist taken and offered in the realm of spirit. Follow the directions below and feel the touch of the all.

If you have a stang, then position it in the north of your place of working. Provide the following for the rite -

              Round of dark bread
              Red Wine
              Cup or drinking horn
              Bees wax candle

Center with appropriate method. When ready, light the candle saying -

              Fire of wisdom illumine me with thy brilliance and burn within my heart.

Hold thy hands in invoking (touching index fingers and thumbs forming a triangle) o'er the bread and say -

              Old one, this bread with thy power make red, with thy pure touch make strong

See power flowing into the bread. Hold thy hands in invoking o'er the cup of wine saying -

               Queen Of Elphen, fill this cup with thy bloody blessing. As this wine becomes thy blood, so                             does it enter mine.

Raise the bread and break off a piece. Dip it into the wine and see the two powers combine. Say -

                As the blood flows into this flesh of the land, so does the blood flow into me. Blessings upon the gods, spirits, and ancestors, and in turn bless me with the red road.

Eat of the bread. Hold up the cup and drink of the blood. Leave the loaf at a tree and pour the wine over it in offering.
It is done.

Until next time.....