Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Care and feeding of The Spirits

We work with spirits a great deal at Arcanus, and like any good relationship one needs to continually cultivate it. Spirits require attention and feeding and interraction to remain vianle for our needs. In the old days, one would leave a bowl of milk and honey on the front step or at the hearth to appease the house helpers or other spirits responsible for helping the goodwoman or goodman. For it was important to keep them happy otherwise mischief would insue.
We, in this modern age, have let this age old practice fall by the wayside and wonder why bad luck follows us. Spirits want to help us, but we must show that we are thankful for them or they will simply leave us to our fates, or teach us a lesson in respect. Much like a trusted friend would. We can revive this practice and bring ourselves back into the good graces of the wee ones by a simple method.

For kitchen spirits - Provide a bowl with a stone in the center. The stone serves as a spirit house in this instance. Every few days or so, place an offering in the bowl and let the spirits know it is a gift of thanks for all of their help in your life. Example "spirits of hearth and home, I give this gift freely to you all as a thank you for the good tidings you bring and the help you offer. May you find it enjoyable and bring peace and happiness to all that dwell here".
After a couple of days pour the contents outside at the base of a tree and return the bowl to its place of honor in your kitchen. Keeping in mind that it is the house of spirits. Keep it clean and ready to recieve the next offering.

On offerings - I vary my offerings at times. During holidays, I may place a bit of the holiday meal in the offering bowl. Other times, I may pour a bit of dark beer or milk and honey over the stone. Try different things and watch for positive results either in your luck being better, or an air of contentment settling over your home. Then you will know what they prefer. The spirits want to help, so let them. But always give thanks for the boons they bring.

Until next time......