Friday, October 18, 2013

All Hallows a time of the dead

The dead are coming. I sit here contemplating the season at hand. It's cold today. Reminding me of the depths that encompass this time of year.  The veils get thinner the closer we get to the end of this month. October is a magickal time. A scary time for some. Goblins and ghouls walk among us appearing at our doors asking for treats, or giving us tricks. It makes me smile as I think of the true meanings of this time. Communion with those that have gone  before. We set the table with an extra plate to welcome our dead. For the dead like to eat too, though not in such a corporeal way as we. And setting the extra plate lets them know that they are still in our thoughts. In my family tradition it is a time of reflection, magick, and ancestors. We go to our altar that contains the remnants of our dead and light a candle. Speak a word or two to the departed. Then leave our offerings and ask for health and wealth and that they keep us close to their hearts as we keep them close to ours.
This is the meaning of All Hallows that is underlying the masks and candies that are so prevalent in today's society. Perhaps at this time, you will all join me in paying homage to our dead and leave a bit of something as a gift to their continued watchfulness over us. Let your children know that death is but a doorway and remembering those that have gone before is the one of the greatest examples of love. For even though someone is dead, it doesn't mean they are gone if we keep them in our thoughts.

The dead are coming.

Give them your time and they will give you theirs.

The dead are coming.

Welcome them into your heart and home. As they had always welcomed you.

The dead are coming. The dead are coming. The dead, are coming.

Happy All Halllows