Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Offering Bowl

In working with spirits, one is often called upon to give offerings for services rendered. If you maintain an altar in your home, this can be difficult to give offerings as you have to have something in which to place them. That being said, I give you The Offering Bowl.
This simple item of so innocuous a form lends itself to great power and practice. In this brief summary, I will explain the use of The Offering Bowl and how you can bring its blessings and power into your life very simply and VERY effectively.
With this Offering Bowl, there comes a stone. This is the house of the spirits and upon which thy practice will be built. Within the center of the bowl, you will place this stone and in a central location of your home, you will place the bowl. This can also be placed in the kitchen as this is, traditionally, the center of the home. The hearth being the “heart” of the family and home. Once your Offering Bowl is placed, perform the following rite to call upon the spirits and receive their blessings –
Gather a bottle of Spring Water. It must be of the earth. Distilled or purified will not do. Stand facing the Offering Bowl with arms outspread say the following –

I call unto the spirits in this place and of my ancestors. Come and find reposed in this stone of the ancients. Make it thy home and receive the offerings in thanks for thy blessings. Protect all that abide here and lend thy help in times of need.
Bring the love of those that have gone before and take the hand of those that live giving guidance, protection, love, knowledge, and anything that will move us deeper toward that hidden knowledge.
As it is, so shall it be.

Open the bottle of water and slowly pour a small amount over the stone saying –

                Sprits of all, accept this offering from my heart. I thank you for watching over me and all here.
                In faith and frith, I give, and unto thy touch I receive.

Keep the bottle of water for daily, weekly, or monthly offerings as you feel appropriate. I give daily upon awaking, but your method is personal as are the spirits with which you commune.

Until next time.......