Saturday, December 28, 2013


I decided to do this entry on the much maligned and greatly overlooked familiar of witches, the Toad. The Toad has been associated with conjurers and cunning folk for centuries and is even mentioned in the Witches Hammer as a way to single out one of our kind.
So what makes the Toad so special? Certainly not the warts and ruddy brown complexion. Historically it was a certain bone that was contained within the confines of the Toad itself that when gathered in a certain way it gave the sorcerer power. Much has been written on this practice, so I won't go into it here. Suffice it to say that I have never felt the need to slaughter Mr. Toad in pursuit of said bone, but have instead utilized the amphibious witches familiar for more benign operations. They are quite amazing creatures when one actually spends time with them. They have personalities and it can bee seen why they were considered imps of the Devil. My own  Toad, Mr. Hobbs, has been with me some time and lends his own magickal elements to my workings when done in my personal temple. He also has given me insight into the realms of the dead, for the Toad is a great guide down that rabbit hole.
Their long life and interesting habits lend them to the witch as a magickal companion to enhance ones workings and just lend a bit of friendship, though be it a bit warty.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Traditional Witchcraft

As many of our clients and friends are aware, I was raised in a non-Wicca Traditional Witchcraft tradition. Many have asked what exactly is Traditional Witchcraft and what are it's practices? In this short post, I will list some of the practices that my family has been part of for generations and hopefully give a bit of an insight into what we actually do...

Traditional Witchcraft is not Wicca. It is based upon older practices that would be considered almost shamanic in some respects. We have a matron goddess and a patron god, but we also work with other deities and spirits. Spirits are hugely part of our work. Both ancestral and other. We do not particularly practice a great many festivals as do Wiccans, but have a handful of celebrations of which we take part. Yule, Beltaine, and Samhain are three of the main ones that occupy our focus.

We do not go in for circles much unless we need to generate and focus a great deal of power. For to us the land is sacred and so are we so protection abounds within us all.
We also do not invest in a great number of "sacred" objects. All that we use are fairly mundane. We have a sharp knife, a cauldron, a staff or wand, a stang, and other items that are utilized. However, we are just as likely to cast a spell with our knife and cauldron in the evening and make breakfast with the same tools the next morn. In the using, they attain their magick and so are not magickal in and of themselves.
The power lies in the sorcerer.
We believe that one can curse as well as cure and that one must know both sides in order to be powerful and useful. For there is no light or dark, there is just energy and how one  uses it is up to them. We do not have the law of three that Wiccans do as we do not believe that we will bring back the energy upon us if we curse. However, we do believe that if you go around cursing for the sake of cursing, then someone else will eventually give you a slap, so you must use that power judiciously.
We do not go in for huge, elaborate rituals. These are time consuming and my ancestors had animals to tend and crops to bring in. So we build up the energy and cast the spell and away we go. That is one reason for the small number of tools that are actually used.

Well, that is about it for now.. I will add more to this subject as time permits.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Fool!

Since we will be discussing "The Fool's Journey" at our Meet-Up group this month, I thought we would quickly revisit this card . . . 

Major Arcana - The Fool!

  In the house of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the very first card we find is "The Fool". This card is typically given the number zero, and the Major Arcana itself is sometimes called "The Fool's Journey"! In this capacity, the Major Arcana follows the Fool on his physical and spiritual journey through life and through the Major Arcana itself as he meets various people and entities, and goes through numerous emotional and spiritual change.

  So who is this Fool? Well, if we are very lucky, it is us! The Fool represents many things. He is childlike innocence, and one who still views the world with a sense of wonder. He wanders through his life with his head in the clouds and is awestruck by the miracles around him. In the traditional symbology, he is so oblivious to his surroundings that he does not even notice that he is about to step off a cliff, even though the little dog at his feet is trying to warn him! Over his back he carries a sack on a stick. This sack contains everything that The Fool needs to get him through his life, if only he would stop long enough to open it up and learn the secrets that it holds.

  If you are interested in learning more about The Fool, feel free to access this free report on him that we at Arcanus have put together for you. Here's the link: pdf

  Do you have your own interpretation of this card? As always, we would love to hear from you!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Creating Abundance in Your Life - The Law of Attraction

We all want to create abundance in our lives and for those who have heard of the law of attraction this is a very common desire. But how do you do that? With the world seemingly going through a financial crisis leading to stress and more worry, manifesting and creating abundance can seem harder than ever. Discover how to create the abundance that you want and deserve by creating the right mind set and using the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is by far the best way to approach creating abundance in your life. Why would you not use the most powerful tool you have, YOU! 

Abundance Strategy 1

Embrace the most basic rule of the law of attraction and conscious creation: ‘you get what you focus on’ : this means that your experience will focus on what you focus on and the more intensely you focus on it, the more intense and real it will be. Focus you attention on ABUNDANCE.

Abundance Strategy 2

Creating an abundance mind set: this is essential to do but what it is and how do you do it? The first you do is focus on the abundance in your life now or any abundance that you can see in reality. The key is to focus and acknowledge it. Secondly begin to praise any aspect of your life that you could call abundant: you need to create a ‘relationship’ with abundance and praising areas of your life is a great way to do that.

Abundance Strategy 3

Get the abundant ‘feeling’ and FOCUS it! Reality responds to beliefs and feelings, beliefs are the ignition and emotions are the fuel: so find a way, anyway to start believing that YOU can be abundant, just use the abundance strategies 1 & 2. Once you get the ‘feeling’ of what it will be like to be abundant, take 5 minutes each day to feed that feeling into your life. Imagine that feeling flow into areas that you want to be abundant and allow those feelings to grow; it is like watering a plant. Soon you will feel more abundant, start to believe in your abundance and great things happen from there.

Abundance Strategy 4

Explore your abundance ‘patterns and beliefs’: Take some time to explore your beliefs about abundance. Remember that the reason you have a lack of abundance is that you have directed the law of attraction and reality to create that lack, through your belief system, emotions and imagination. So what do you believe about abundance? I promise you that you will have limiting beliefs about it and that those beliefs MUST change to create something new in your life. Start to write some lists about your ideas and you will soon see where your beliefs have limited your experience.

Abundance Strategy 5

Break down your behavior and patterns: one of the best ways to introduce new ideas is to shake up the old ones. So start doing some things differently, break up your patterns of thinking. If you eat at 7 every night, eat at 6. If you go to bed at 11, go to bed at 11.15: it does not matter what you do but you must BREAK your old thinking and that can be helped by breaking habits and patterns of thinking. Just do something different to the norm, it really does help!

The law of attraction does work but it takes commitment and energy to master it so keep going and never give up your dreams. Focus and Intent my friends! See you at the Parlor!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Candle Magick Spell!

Here is a simple and safe candle spell ritual a person can do to help protect from negativity generated by other people. Though simple, this is still a powerful spell. As with all magick, it’s important that one is in the right frame of mind prior to working with it. The easiest way to get into the proper state of mind is to mediate or relax without interruptions for five to ten minutes before beginning this spell.

You’ll need a white candle, some aluminum foil, and a knife.

Step One: Begin by carving into the white candle the name of the person whom you want to defend against. As you carve, make sure you place your intent into the candle by focusing your mind on the idea that this person will have no further effect on you.

Step Two: Wrap the candle in the aluminum foil, shiny side facing in. This puts a protective shield around the person. The aluminum foil will reflect whatever energy the person puts out right back toward them. This is a white magick approach to protection as the person still has free will to decide if they want to put out positive or negative energy.

Step Three: Hold the candle in your right hand and send white light through the top of your crown center (head) down through your arms and into the candle. As you do this, visualize the person not being able to come around you when they are in a negative mood.

Step Four: Put the wrapped candle into the freezer and leave it. Do not remove it until you’re ready to break the spell. This action “freezes” the person with the protective shield reflecting their own energy back to and around them.

This is a great spell for beginners. Not only will the person putting out negative energy be zapped by their own negativity, but when they choose to give off positive energy they will be zapped with that as well. Done properly, this spell can actually serve as a means of training another person to have only positive thoughts when within your presence.

Friday, October 18, 2013

All Hallows a time of the dead

The dead are coming. I sit here contemplating the season at hand. It's cold today. Reminding me of the depths that encompass this time of year.  The veils get thinner the closer we get to the end of this month. October is a magickal time. A scary time for some. Goblins and ghouls walk among us appearing at our doors asking for treats, or giving us tricks. It makes me smile as I think of the true meanings of this time. Communion with those that have gone  before. We set the table with an extra plate to welcome our dead. For the dead like to eat too, though not in such a corporeal way as we. And setting the extra plate lets them know that they are still in our thoughts. In my family tradition it is a time of reflection, magick, and ancestors. We go to our altar that contains the remnants of our dead and light a candle. Speak a word or two to the departed. Then leave our offerings and ask for health and wealth and that they keep us close to their hearts as we keep them close to ours.
This is the meaning of All Hallows that is underlying the masks and candies that are so prevalent in today's society. Perhaps at this time, you will all join me in paying homage to our dead and leave a bit of something as a gift to their continued watchfulness over us. Let your children know that death is but a doorway and remembering those that have gone before is the one of the greatest examples of love. For even though someone is dead, it doesn't mean they are gone if we keep them in our thoughts.

The dead are coming.

Give them your time and they will give you theirs.

The dead are coming.

Welcome them into your heart and home. As they had always welcomed you.

The dead are coming. The dead are coming. The dead, are coming.

Happy All Halllows

Friday, September 27, 2013

Halloween Seances!

Just a quick note to let you know that we have scheduled several seances for Halloween!

Here's the blurb -

Arcanus will be presenting two seances for the Halloween holiday! Come join us as we conjure the Spirits of Arcanus!

29th & 30th @ 7:30 PM to about 9:30 PM
This is an outstanding evening of paranormal entertainment!!

Perfect couples night out! Only $30 per person!

You will be treated to an evening of paranormal activity as we contact the spirits near the old building that houses the Arcanus Reading Parlor! There will be contact made to the other side!

Seating for this event is extremely limited to about SIX participants, so order and confirm your spot(s) as soon as you can as these events typically sell out very fast!

Visit the website here to get your seats: 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Animal Energies

We teach many things at our Victorian Tarot Parlor in Longmont, Arcanus. Folk magick and shamanism are a couple of favorites. Below we look at the spirits of nature that can help us on our journey. 

Animals, our allies in nature - 
Animal spirits can be called upon to empower or teach the practitioner. The thousands of years of shamanic practice have proven the efficacy of this tradition. By getting in tune with the spirit of say the Crocodile, the practitioner can develop new wisdom among many other things attributed to the Crocodile teacher. The familiar is part of this secret teaching wisdom. They can use their animal powers to enhance spells and help to secure knowledge for the practitioner.  

This is a body of knowledge that can take years or even a lifetime to study. For our purposes, knowing the ways of the animal and how to call can be enough. Journeying with a totem can open up whole new vistas of information. For a list of animal symbolism, do a Google search, or check out one of the many books on the subject at your local bookstore. 

Following is a technique that the practitioner can use to facilitate this communication -

Exercise – In a quiet and safe location, perform the sphere exercise found in other articles of this blog to focus and empower you. Once ready, smudge your person and the area with sage. This will cleanse the area and your own energies of confusing remnants of impressions left over from your day or previous workings. Settle yourself into a comfortable position. 

Close your eyes and take a deep breath to prepare for the journey. As is typical of this sort of journeying, you will visualize a natural hole in the ground or tree and allow yourself to follow it down into the other realms.
I generally find a cave to be the most efficacious for me, but what pleases you will be of your own choosing. Once you find yourself descended into the other realm, put the desire into the ether that you wish to meet your personal totem. 

After a short while, you should encounter the animal that is most prevalent to you. Allow impressions to materialize and make note of any communication that you receive. When you are ready to return, take a deep breath and visualize yourself traveling back up through the tunnel until you reach your level of awareness. Take another deep breath to focus and end the session. 
You may want to eat something to help ground yourself in this plane.

I hope you find this article of some assistance on your own journey into nature and the powers that reside there.

Until next time............

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bit of Prose

I share this with our readers as a bit of the poet that springs forth now and then from the depths of my own psyche. I hope you all enjoy it -

The warrior stood with heart outstretched.
Given naught but a road to walk
Bidden by the witch with the red hair
Called by the blood of his ancestors
Held over the flame of the woman's kiss
Burned by the touch of her embrace

The warrior fought hard
The warrior fought brave
but in the end did succumb to the beauty of the woman with power
touching the torc at his neck he made a vow
To be with the witch from the land of the fey
And to this end he strove
But as he entered the realm of her loving kind
He fell into the hell of one left behind
No place to run
No spear to throw
the warrior lain in his barrow
brother to the cold earth

Heart now gone
Soul flying to the winds
the warrior lays his shield at the feet of fate
The witch with the red hair walks upon another path
leaving him to his pain and his death
Laughter echoing the way as his tear touches the waters of the All.

Till next time........

Friday, August 30, 2013

Books of Mystery and Magick

  In our meetups at Arcanus in Longmont CO, Dennis and I speak of arcane texts that contain a multitude of operations for the practice of magick. In this post, I will provide an excerpt from The Dark Book of Delphinium that exists in only in a few private collections in the world. Mine being one such collection. This is an example of the various forms of magick one can utilize to change oneself and ones environment. Over the next few months, I will be revealing these practices as part of a greater whole of knowledge sharing that we experience in our meetups and classes.
I hope you enjoy this walk down the arcane trails of deep knowledge -

The Sphere Working -

Close your eyes and visualize a small golden sphere at your solar plexus.
Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through the mouth. With each breath visualize the sphere growing larger and larger until it encompasses your entire body. Visualize yourself surrounded by a golden sphere of protective light. You can increase this sphere to encompass a larger space to provide protection or cleansing.When the sphere is no longer needed, work the visualization in reverse with each breath bringing the sphere smaller and smaller until it disappears into your solar plexus.Ground any excess energy you may feel lingering.
This technique can provide a pure space for healing, to raise power, or to protect against baneful spirits and other forces.

The Dark Ritual or Communion with the All -

Materials needed -

            Red Wine
            Dagger or Dirk
In a darkened room, prepare an alter facing North with the red wine to your right, the dagger crossway's in front of you, the candle in the center, the bread and salt on a platter to your left, and the incense between the dirk and candle in front of you.

Light the Candle and the incense. Perform the sphere working. Once ready, take up the dagger and inscribe an invoking pentagram to the North, East, South, West, and back to North. Inscribe an invoking pentagram above you and below you. Close your eyes and visualize the pentagrams glowing all around you. You are ready for powerful forces. (Note: How to inscribe the pentagrams may be found by a simple Google search)

Inscribe an invoking pentagram over the wine saying –

            Blood of the Dark Mother, Hecate, be blessed and empowered by the spirit of the dark forces  that reside within the deep mists of legend.
            Hold the magic of the fey and power of the lands from which they spring.
            As it is, so shall it be.

See the wine glow with the power you have invoked. See it transformed from wine into blood. Your blood. The blood of all that live or have lived. The blood of the Dark Mother.

Inscribe an invoking pentagram over the bread and salt saying -

Flesh of the Father, Cernunnos Luciferos, be blessed and empowered by the spirit of the lands that we tread. Hold the magic of the soil and winds and rain. Glow with the fires that fall from the skies and burn those that would walk against your children.
            As it is, so shall it be.

See the bread and salt glow with the power of the All Father and the lands. It is no longer bread and salt, but the flesh of the All Father and the lands upon which you walk. It is your flesh, and the flesh of all.

Tear off a piece of bread and dip it in the salt. Pass it through the incense saying -

            The smoke of our spirit guides us to the places of mystery. Into my body to I take the flesh of all my kin. Into my spirit do I take the flesh of the All Father and ride the wild hunt into the other world. As it is, so shall it be.

Eat the bread and feel the power coursing through you. Once consumed, say -

            As my body consumes the flesh, so does my flesh grow stronger. As my spirit soars, so does my power grow. As it is, so shall it be.

Pick up the wine. Hold it to the darkened sky and say -

This is the blood, the life, the birth. Into my heart do I take the sustaining breath of the Dark Mother. In my veins doth run the power of all things from the time before creation. I am of the Mother and she is of me. As it is, so shall it be.

Drink the wine and feel the warmth of the blood flow through you. Feel it empower your spirit center. Say -

            My blood burns with the Mother. My mind soars as she soars. I am of the all and the all is of me. Nothing is beyond my power for I reach into infinity. As it is, so shall it be.

Open your arms in an accepting manner and vibrate -


Feel the power emanate out into all of the worlds that exist. You are at one with everything. You are everything.  Cast any other spells or simply feel the power and travel to the ends of creation. When ready, take a deep breath and return to your body. Inscribe banishing pentagrams in the reverse order that you did the invoking. Re-absorb the sphere. Leave the incense to burn and snuff the candle.

This is a very powerful ritual and propels you to the communion with ancient gods. Do not fear the dark aspect that may seem to come from this operation. If you truly wish to walk the paths of sorcery and magick, then you must learn to walk the middle way and commune with All, for we are not light nor dark. We are in between. I hope it is efficacious for you and once performed you will never be the same again for all spirits will see your light and come to you.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Major Arcana - The Empress!

  The next person The Fool encounters on his journey through the house of the Major Arcana is The Empress. Like several cards in the Tarot, The Empress represents strong female energy. The Empress represents the fertile, life-giving Mother who reigns over the bounty of nature and the rhythms of the Earth. She represents abundances, whether they be of health, love, or material possessions. She assures The Fool that there is prosperity ahead for him, but reminds him that all comes at the price of hard work and a true heart.

  It is said that during their conversation, The Empress hands him a piece of paper upon which is written some ultimate truth, although we are never privy to what this truth may be. She also instructs him to continue on his path and tells him in advance that he will next meet The Emperor, and that he is to tell him for her that "love is on the way".

In readings the Empress can refer to any aspect of Motherhood. She can be an individual mother, but as a major arcana card, she also goes beyond the specifics of mothering to its essence - the creation of life and its sustenance through loving care and attention. What are your thoughts on this amazing woman?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

One for the Ladies . . .

  Can the Tarot help you with your relationships? Absolutely! For eons people have been seeking intuitive guidance from oracles such as the Tarot, and while they all have their merits, the Tarot is uniquely qualified to assist with questions regarding your relationships due to the personal nature of the oracle and the depth of the introspection that it provides. For it is by looking within ourselves that we gain insight into how we treat others, and hence how our relationships are most likely to play out.

  As we know, there are many aspects of the Tarot that are specifically designed to address the areas surrounding your relationships. The suit of Cups is the suit of relationships. Depending on the individual card and its placement in your reading, it can refer to your romantic relationships, your family relationships, or your casual relationships. These cards can bring good tidings, possible warnings, or point out areas we need to make some sort of adjustment to our way of thinking, beliefs, or attitude toward others.

  The Major Arcana card "The Lovers" is one of the big cards that speaks straight to you about your love life, and a LOT of information can be obtained by examining where this card sits on the table in regard to the rest of the spread. Is this a loving and respectful relationship, or is there hidden baggage and doubt? The cards can reveal all of this if we take to time to ask and listen with our hearts.

  If you would like to read a little more on this topic, here is a report that we put together regarding the Tarot and relationships, enjoy! 

  Link to report: The_Tarot_and_Your_Relationship.pdf


Monday, August 12, 2013

Major Arcana - The High Priestess!

  After The Fool has spoken with The Magician as he begins his journey through the Major Arcana, he immediately meets The High Priestess. She is the Yin to the Magician's Yang. While the Magician represents the masculine side of the spiritual journey that The Fool has begun, The High Priestess is the feminine side. She is the other side of the balance that must be maintained.

  She is the keeper of the unconscious knowledge and the representation of one who seeks to learn and expand their spirituality. She guards the gates to hidden wisdom, but imparts this wisdom to those she deems worthy of the experience. The High Priestess discusses with The Fool the importance of faith, and the truth about his everlasting soul and how it must be nourished. She tries to focus The Fool on this part of his being as she views it as the most important piece of the cosmic puzzle.
  In a reading for your sitter, The High Priestess asks you to gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual side of your being. She points to the well of eternal knowledge that awaits discovery and cautions that the attainment of this knowledge will take dedication and persistence. The payoff is nothing less than realizing your place in the Universe and becoming one with this position.