Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tarot, Tools of Sorcery

Many are familiar with Tarot for psychic divination, but few have delved into the wider, deeper world that is assailable via the mystical cards. For centuries readers have told of past, present, and future things displayed before them, but only those of a more commanding nature have utilized the Tarot or magick, or, as some have termed it, sorcery. The cards are a book of occult knowledge and great power. As you lay the cards in a reading you see before you the secrets surrounding your querent, but consider this. What if you could choose cards representing your desired future and laid them out in such a way as to bring that desire to fruition? The Tarot can be used to that end very effectively. At the Arcanus Tarot Parlor I have performed healings, cursings, prosperity magick, and a host of other workings with naught but the familiar deck of cards.
Lets go down that road for a moment. Think of a spread that displays your future, or the energies surrounding you. Choose the cards that contain the energies you wish to bring into your life, or those you wish to banish, and upon an altar, just a table out of the way of normal traffic, lay out that spread. Light a candle, incense, and take a few minutes to call upon the spirits to witness and assist in this spell. If you are Christian, you can call upon God, or whomever in your faith to assist.
Take a moment to follow the story you have lain and then extinguish the candle and let the incense burn out as an offering to the powers called.
Repeat over three days or nights and watch the energies manifest.
That is how simple a Tarot spell can be. One doesn't need an elaborate setup, nor a large number of tools. Just a deck of cards, a candle, and incense and away you go. Granted you can make the ritual into a large drawn out play, but sorcery is about spontaneity so none of the normal trappings are necessary.
Give it a go and see what magicks you can enliven in your life with your trusty book of ancient knowledge. If you would like more knowledge on this subject, give us a call at the tarot parlor in Longmont, Co. I think you may be surprised at just how much you can do with so simple a tool.
Until next time........

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