Saturday, November 30, 2013

Creating Abundance in Your Life - The Law of Attraction

We all want to create abundance in our lives and for those who have heard of the law of attraction this is a very common desire. But how do you do that? With the world seemingly going through a financial crisis leading to stress and more worry, manifesting and creating abundance can seem harder than ever. Discover how to create the abundance that you want and deserve by creating the right mind set and using the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is by far the best way to approach creating abundance in your life. Why would you not use the most powerful tool you have, YOU! 

Abundance Strategy 1

Embrace the most basic rule of the law of attraction and conscious creation: ‘you get what you focus on’ : this means that your experience will focus on what you focus on and the more intensely you focus on it, the more intense and real it will be. Focus you attention on ABUNDANCE.

Abundance Strategy 2

Creating an abundance mind set: this is essential to do but what it is and how do you do it? The first you do is focus on the abundance in your life now or any abundance that you can see in reality. The key is to focus and acknowledge it. Secondly begin to praise any aspect of your life that you could call abundant: you need to create a ‘relationship’ with abundance and praising areas of your life is a great way to do that.

Abundance Strategy 3

Get the abundant ‘feeling’ and FOCUS it! Reality responds to beliefs and feelings, beliefs are the ignition and emotions are the fuel: so find a way, anyway to start believing that YOU can be abundant, just use the abundance strategies 1 & 2. Once you get the ‘feeling’ of what it will be like to be abundant, take 5 minutes each day to feed that feeling into your life. Imagine that feeling flow into areas that you want to be abundant and allow those feelings to grow; it is like watering a plant. Soon you will feel more abundant, start to believe in your abundance and great things happen from there.

Abundance Strategy 4

Explore your abundance ‘patterns and beliefs’: Take some time to explore your beliefs about abundance. Remember that the reason you have a lack of abundance is that you have directed the law of attraction and reality to create that lack, through your belief system, emotions and imagination. So what do you believe about abundance? I promise you that you will have limiting beliefs about it and that those beliefs MUST change to create something new in your life. Start to write some lists about your ideas and you will soon see where your beliefs have limited your experience.

Abundance Strategy 5

Break down your behavior and patterns: one of the best ways to introduce new ideas is to shake up the old ones. So start doing some things differently, break up your patterns of thinking. If you eat at 7 every night, eat at 6. If you go to bed at 11, go to bed at 11.15: it does not matter what you do but you must BREAK your old thinking and that can be helped by breaking habits and patterns of thinking. Just do something different to the norm, it really does help!

The law of attraction does work but it takes commitment and energy to master it so keep going and never give up your dreams. Focus and Intent my friends! See you at the Parlor!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Candle Magick Spell!

Here is a simple and safe candle spell ritual a person can do to help protect from negativity generated by other people. Though simple, this is still a powerful spell. As with all magick, it’s important that one is in the right frame of mind prior to working with it. The easiest way to get into the proper state of mind is to mediate or relax without interruptions for five to ten minutes before beginning this spell.

You’ll need a white candle, some aluminum foil, and a knife.

Step One: Begin by carving into the white candle the name of the person whom you want to defend against. As you carve, make sure you place your intent into the candle by focusing your mind on the idea that this person will have no further effect on you.

Step Two: Wrap the candle in the aluminum foil, shiny side facing in. This puts a protective shield around the person. The aluminum foil will reflect whatever energy the person puts out right back toward them. This is a white magick approach to protection as the person still has free will to decide if they want to put out positive or negative energy.

Step Three: Hold the candle in your right hand and send white light through the top of your crown center (head) down through your arms and into the candle. As you do this, visualize the person not being able to come around you when they are in a negative mood.

Step Four: Put the wrapped candle into the freezer and leave it. Do not remove it until you’re ready to break the spell. This action “freezes” the person with the protective shield reflecting their own energy back to and around them.

This is a great spell for beginners. Not only will the person putting out negative energy be zapped by their own negativity, but when they choose to give off positive energy they will be zapped with that as well. Done properly, this spell can actually serve as a means of training another person to have only positive thoughts when within your presence.